5 Foods That Help You Concentrate

Multitasking has become a way of life across the globe. People might think that by performing several things together would increase all round efficiency. However, researchers have found that multi-tasking can result in poorer performance. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on one particular step at a time to get the task accomplished.


How does the brain concentrate?


Studies have also found that willful concentration tends to occur in specific regions of the brain. For focusing on the brain cells (neurons), the region needs to fire off efficient substances known as neurotransmitters which can assist in connecting and communicating messages. It is important to note that it is only a well- fed and healthy brain that can carry out these functions productively.


 5 Foods That Help You to Concentrate


According to health experts, characteristics and compounds of specific foods have better brain benefits than those of others.


-Whole grain breakfast cereal: A well prepared breakfast is undoubtedly important for facilitating learning and concentration. An empty stomach would mean the brain cannot get ample energy- producing sugar. Eating well in the morning helps both adults and kids to function more efficiently. Also, the menu counts for a lot. Whole grain cereals contain fiber that keeps levels of blood sugar steady and creates a feeling of satiety. Most cereals are known to contain minerals and vitamins, which have antioxidant properties. These assist in clearing toxins from the system.


-Coffee: Java along with other caffeine-infused foods and drinks are wonderful choices to facilitate capability toward concentrating on the task. Caffeine is regarded as a stimulant to the central nervous system. It can act on the nerves, spinal cord and the brain. Caffeine is said to reach its peak in the bloodstream after ingestion in just an hour and effects could last around six hours.


-Fish: It is globally accepted by health experts that seafood contains the best sources with regard to omega 3 fatty acids. This essential element is not produced by the body and hence needs to be obtained via diet. The brain is said to have larger concentrations of such essential nutrients, while researches have proved that these are vital for the health of the brain. Also, they are a crucial component of the neuron structure and optimize neurotransmitter function. When it comes to increasing the ability for concentrating, Omega-3 is even said to help children suffering from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyper-activity Disorder).


-Seeds and nuts: Hunger can set in if the person works for extended time periods and can cause distraction. Choosing nuts and seeds can ward off this gnawing feeling, since they are very high in fat and protein and can keep the stomach full for longer.


-Blueberries: Almost all vegetables and fruits have definite health benefits for the brain. However, it is blueberries that stand out of the crowd. The dark color means that they have plenty of antioxidants that are toxin fighting. They also have high fiber content which helps clear arteries in the brain and keeps levels of blood sugar stable. Valleys and peaks in blood sugar could create havoc with the capability to focus and blueberries are an excellent stabilizer for these.


If you're concerned about your diet, talk to a dietetist.


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