Spammers And Junk Predators

Spammers And Junk Predators

I deleted 145 spam articles on one of my sites today. We discovered visit my website by searching Google Books. Luckily I have reasonable remarks turned on so they never actually get posted. Which makes the spammers poor, but thats the worst inconvenience spammers have caused me.

But those who supposedly are our Spam saviors. Those who say they are fighting spam have caused me more problems compared to the spammers...

Sometimes I do not know which folks are the worst. Those that spam or those that say they're pursuing spammers.

I removed 145 spam posts on a single of my sites today. Luckily I've moderate comments switched on so that they never really get posted. That makes the spammers bad, but thats the worst inconvenience spammers have caused me.

Nevertheless the ones that allegedly are our Spam saviors. Those that say they are fighting spam have caused me more problems as opposed to spammers them-selves. lists your domain name as a spam domain name if you are already hosted o-n or near the same IP address whilst the spammers. Thus you're guilty by association.

To really get your domain name removed off of's number, you have to offer them money. Seems a good deal like extortion simply because they personally put you to the list then ask you for cash to be eliminated.

Then obviously they tell you that they give the money to charity. I examined the charity they say they supply the money to. It visits a legal defense fund they are able to use to defend them-selves if they were sued by you. Some charity.

Twice now has caused me spamconvenience. Because their spambot said it could be junk they've locked me out of one of my own websites and one I handle for a consumer. In addition it says that when you're a reading this information then naturally I'm not likely a spambot and they'll correct the situation.

They did this even though on that blog they need me to typ-e to the little box whatever mad characters they have in the little graphic to produce each article on that same blog.

Half the time the tiny picture is not even there. And that means you can't type the little letters in-to the box because the little letters don't exist. So just how could they use that approach to make certain I am not bombarding, then flag it as a junk blog?

However since I get paid to blog daily on the client's blog, my loss in income, that I am sure Google will not repay me for, is simply that lost income as a result of junk fighters.

They did this today for the client's blog. They're reviewing it they say. Want to see that website? Go-to It is maybe not junk.

The first time it happened was 1 day after I produced the blog. It had just one post in it. Wow, what a spammer I am. They blocked me from logging-in but sent me a really nice email, which I'd not chosen in for, saying they'd be pleased to review that weblog too. They also provided a nice link to where I could complete a form to obtain a review.

When I used their nice link in-the unwanted mail, (perhaps not junk), they sent me, it asked me to sign in using the username and password that THEY HAD ALREADY BLOCKED ME FROM USING!

To ensure that website needed to be rebuilt elsewhere. Again, I have had way more trouble from spam fighters than I ever have had from spammers. Effectively, thats all for my argument. Now I have to see if I can get the little picture below to load so I can see what silly words I have to type into the box so you can see this article..