David Gerstein Art for Sale - 5 Must Have Art Pieces from Gerstein

Art can be abstract. It can be solely for decor. Or, it can be utilitarian as well. It is practical art that has become more popular in recent years. Many artists may complain that interest in art is dwindling across the world and there are fewer artists than ever before. But when you consider David Gerstein art for sale, the sheer popularity and the stats say otherwise. Art is still popular and if an art piece is relevant, then it can become a bestseller.

Here are five must have art pieces from Gerstein.


Instead of talking about one, the whole range of bowls in the collection of David Gerstein art for sale is worth considering. You can check out the Disco Bowl, the Camel Bowl, Butterflies Forever, Birds of the World, Doodle and Cyclists Bowl among others. These are great examples of practical art. You can use these as fruit bowls or just as decorative pieces. The price range for bowls is $180.00 to $350.00.


‘Pins’ is a rare collection of David Gerstein art for sale that uses various kinds of metal. In most cases, wall art and art pieces of Gerstein are made of steel or aluminum. With pins, he uses gold, silver and a blend of metals. Obviously then you get a host of choices not just in terms of design but also the metal. Check out the Mikonos Butterfly, Peace Dove (Gold / Silver) and Contador among others. The Armstrong Pin is a must-have if you are a cyclist or a fitness enthusiast.


David Gerstein’s placemat collection is another fine example of practical art. The Fish Birds Placemats set and the Butterflies Placemats set are perennial favorites. Whether you wish to use them in your home or you want to gift something artistic and yet utilitarian to someone, the placemats are a great choice.

Open Heart

Whether in love or not, married or committed, Open Heart is a must-have. It is a unique art piece. The extensive detailing that has gone into the design makes Open Heart an amazing piece.

Strokes Of Love

Before Gerstein became a phenomenon as a sculptor, he was a painter. His brush strokes weren’t just unique but also ethereal. You can see the same brush strokes in Strokes of Love, a must have art piece from Gerstein.