what is the common mistake in choosing customized hotel furniture?

If you want to buy customized hotel furniture, there may be a lot of questions that you want to ask. As a hotel furniture supplier china, we will present two common mistakes in choosing customized hotel furniture.


The first one is that we can copy home decorative effects. For the whole hotel furniture, most consumers do not notice that they are buying an intangible product, who blindly believe that the effects what they have seen in the exhibition hall can move to their hotels, and they do not realize that the size of room, the height of floor as well as the location of windows and doors, will affect the furniture layout and style options. In deed, owners of different starred hotels have various decisions in choosing hotel equipment. Some of them may think customized is the best for its high-end materials. But the other may think machine made products are the best because of streamline working. We are a company which has dealt with hotel furniture for several years. And we have the best hotel furniture online and offline. The second one is to pay less attention to the whole effects but care too much on furniture in exhibition hall. On the one hand, a company usually spends lots of money to invite famous designers in the process of design the exhibition hall, and this designer usually do not service for the practical customers. On the other hand, the actual exhibition hotels are not the same as the real one, which has no function limits and no restrictions for apartment layout.


In order to avoid common mistakes, you should target your customer groups so as to choose the correct styles in design and layout. As a guest room furniture wholesale, you can give total trust to our company, because we have many old customers in this field and we will supply to the best products for you.