Purchasing ways of tumbler lock

We will have trouble in buying various locks when we need home decoration or because of something, we need to buy a lock from window lock hardware suppliers. Actually, we can learn the purchasing ways of tumbler lock by ourselves.


Understand the principles of tumbler lock, product level, I believe we have a bottom time of purchase, and in time to pick the lock, try to choose a higher level of security products, to prevent being fooled, requiring businesses to produce detection product purchase certificate. In addition the following recipe is for everyone to support, to ensure foolproof. First, look at the key Tooth, teeth more teeth deeper and more complex arrangement, the greater the difficulty to open, the better anti-theft performance when we door hardware wholesale China; second than weight, the heavier the weight, the better the quality lock cylinder, the cylinder inside the beads the more, the better anti-theft feature; third look at the color work. Using a good quality lock cylinder plating with surface smooth, bright color is a nice choice for your house. Deep yellow color which is copper, relatively strong, good security performance, cylinder dark color, the color gray bubbles is zinc alloy, anti-theft performance in general. The fourth test interpolation keys, key lock cylinder is rotated insert card theft performance difference


Actually, it has the similar principle like we buy cabinet things from discount kitchen cabinet accessories wholesale China