Everlasting Happiness = Your Reality minus Real Anticipations

True Happiness = Everybody's Reality minus Real Expectancies According to the formula (Well-Being = Reality - Expectations), a failsafe method of prolonging high well-being levels would be to keep low expectations. This formula suggests that one's well-being levels are inversely proportional to one's expectations. So if you have low expectations you can't, in reality, help but be joyful for any over-delivery. In addition, it indicates that by setting your subconscious up for outcomes that are substandard or poor, you will be happy together with your current reality. However, we know most individuals frequently need more or better in their life and are unhappy with their current reality.
In case you confidently expect to succeed, in case you confidently be prepared to learn something from every experience, should you confidently expect to eventually become wealthy as a result of applying your gifts and capabilities to your opportunities and you keep that attitude of confident anticipations long enough, it will become your reality. It has been suggested through research a positive, upbeat, cheerful approach is captivating and causes people to want to help you, and can result in things happening the way you want them to happen. And so the Law of Cause and Expectation and Effect come into play giving the results you desire but based upon your expectation thermostat.
Consequently, this formula might be a failsafe means of keeping up high happiness levels as low expectations are maintained by you. It might appear to not be in battle to have a low expectancy at a fast food restaurant and after that to have it exceed your expectations with service that is great. But would you want your subconscious for attaining far less than your possible, setting up you on a daily basis?

High Expectations Reality = Happiness

Your external world or your reality is a reflection of your ideas, emotions and beliefs because the only part of life it is possible to control is the way you think. If you support these anticipations with beliefs and emotions and can set your expectations high, it stands to reason that you can architect the level of happiness and also your destiny you encounter.
How easy is it to change your expectations and place the bar at a brand new amount?
A review of your beliefs may be in order. You always behave in a fashion consistent with your beliefs, particularly your beliefs about yourself. These beliefs can behave like a couple of filters. You often view that which you already believe and hence don't allow yourself the opportunity for something different to happen. The worst beliefs and, sadly, the most strong are our "Self-limiting beliefs". These beliefs often put the brakes in your possibility. They most frequently create anxiety and doubt and can hold you back. This can lead to reluctance in you fulfilling your full potential. So, challenging these beliefs will probably be vital to changing expectations.
Shifting beliefs may not be easy but it begs the question, where in your life are you letting self-limiting beliefs hold you back? So what can you do or what could you dare to do if you knew you couldn't fail?
It's important to keep in mind that expectations have no small impact not only on you but on others around you.
Challenging your beliefs and expectancies may not be a simple exercise on your own. But not being happy along with your reality is a sign that something is up.