About IGBT FZ2400R12KE3_B9 - How IGBT Devices Works in UPS Power Supply & other Module Construction

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Turn to FZ2400R12KE3_B9 for your UPS to have a boost of power and performance! With a weight of only 11 lbs. and the capability to produce 2400A or 1200V of power, your UPS is in not only in perfect condition, it now has the strength to protect any vital information longer than its usual limit.


FZ2400R12KE3_B9 guarantees five main advantages:


·         High efficiency

·         High reliability

·         Cost-effectiveness

·         100% safety and security, and…

·         High flexibility


With an excellent module construction, Infineon FZ2400R12KE3_B9 can sustain optimum electric performance longer than those typical semiconductors! This also ensures you its cost-effectiveness!


UL recognized, FZ2400R12KE3_B9 is totally safe to use on your UPS and even to other applications!


Speaking of other applications, FZ2400R12KE3_B9 also works best on solar panels, wind turbines and even to AC and DC motor drives.


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