Best Lumber for Woodworking Plans

Sometimes, people are confused about selecting wood. In this article, you will be shared about the basic of choosing lumber for the best woodworking plans. 

Harwood or softwood

If you have woodworking projects, it is confused to choose a hardwood lumber such as Hard Maple or Lignum Vitae or softwood lumber like Red Alder or Southern Yellow Pine. But it depends on what projects that you are creating. A couple of projects even need a blend of both softwoods and hardwoods such as violin or a workbench. For instance, violin makers are using a soft Spruce for the soundboard and a harder Maple for the back sides and neck.

Most of craftsmen of the past created the bases of the workbenches that they made by using less-expensive pine or softwood and the vices and tops by using hardwoods such as maple or beech. Soft pine is the perfect choice for you.