Porsche 911 turbocharged engine

Recently, information about 911 facelift by foreign media exposure, the new car will be unveiled in autumn next year. Since the introduction of stringent EU carbon dioxide emissions limits, European car companies have begun to study small-displacement turbocharged engine, focusing on areas naturally aspirated Porsche turbo technology will also be implemented on a small facelift 911, and the power It can be raised.

It is reported that, in addition to the GT3 models, all under Porsche 911 turbo technology will be achieved. 3.4L Carrera models on the level of 2.9L horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine will be turbocharged boxer engine replaced, which is the maximum output power of 298 kilowatts, the maximum output torque of 542 Nm.

Carrera S will continue to use the 3.8L boxer engine, but Porsche's engineers in this power adds a turbocharger, the maximum output power is expected to increase to 395 kilowatts, the maximum torque of 704 Nm. This means that the 911 Turbo and power higher power output Turbo S will be upgraded to 447 kilowatts.