Enjoy Punjabi TV in USA with Jus Broadcasting

We have great pleasure to inform you that Jus Broadcasting is the number one Punjabi TV channel in USA launched with three TV channels Jus Punjabi, Jus One and Jus 24x7 and with one radio station with the name of Jus Radio. This is completely family entertainment channel that you can enjoy with complete family. Our motto is to provide better services to the client as well as awareness to the viewers, resulting maximum benefits from this channel.

Jus Broadcasting is New York City based Punjabi TV channel but they broadcast throughout North America and also planning to cover Asian and European market also.

Jus Punjabi intends to bring Punjab to the world. The channel is a leader and pioneer in many domains. They became the first South Asian channel to broadcast live shows, and Late Night shows. We covered live events from across America and Live Gurbaani from Gurdwaras. With 5 daily live shows, news, reviews, songs and movies, we have it all covered. The channel is very Punjabi at heart, and believes in the values of tradition and culture. Punjabis are known to be loud, Jus Punjabi is their loudspeaker. Proud to be so.

To know more you can make a call at +1 718-752-9290 or follow us on https://www.facebook.com/jus.punjabi