Some Details of The European Vacation Need To Note

Safety Tips

At every stop must be write down the address, phone of the hotel that you staying, in case lost to find shelter.

Ready to be vigilant, do not strike up a conversation with strangers, cash, documents and valuables must be tucked in, must not be placed in checked baggage.

Europe public safety is good overall, but in some countries there are security risks, In particular the area, the hotel lobby, department stores, restaurants and other tourist gathering place is theft prone land, proposal must go hand in hand.

Climate & Clothing

Generally Continental Europe weather changeable, sooner or later, a larger temperature difference, Summer and autumn is rainy season. Therefore must carry an umbrella or raincoat folded.

In preparing the dress, In warm, comfortable and convenient principle. Underwear to bring more, But also take long-sleeved shirts, jackets in summer, to prevent temperature change; Winter or need trip to the snow to have the activity please take a good ski jacket, sweaters, coats and other cold clothes. Shoes with flat light prevail, I would rather recommend the nike free and toms schuhe to you, both of them are suit for travel.

Mountaineering please choose the appropriate dress, wear non-slip shoes, such as air max, ladies do not wear skirts, high heels.

Fly Notes

Currently British Airways, Scandinavian Airlines, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Finnair, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Air China, Sichuan Airlines, Shandong Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, have been transferred to the Beijing Capital International Airport T3 Terminal Operations .

After entering the cabin, seated according to seat number on the boarding pass, not free exchange.For special needs, please contact attendants help you coordinate.

Even if you do have the need to replace the seat, Please also be sure not to replace the boarding pass, because the boarding pass have your name, after returning to the boarding pass will be used as proof of your return into the embassy to sign off.

Travel Notes

European environmental awareness is very strong, in order to prevent air pollution, the law does not allow the driver to stop when the air conditioning.

Smoking is prohibited on board, and try not to eat food with a peel and ice cream in the car, if you must eat, move the remaining stone wrapped in paper into the trash, do not arbitrarily throw in the car.

European law for drivers, tour guides working hours are strictly limited, if you have additional service requirements, requires the consent of the local guide and driver, at the same time pay an additional fee.

Europe train (except for the high-speed train), slower, stops frequently, the compartments is small, and does not supply drinking water, paying special attention to protect your belongings.

Catering Notes

Europeans are very offensive the phenomenon waste food, please consider to access meal, it recommended small number of ways.

Please use your time to the restaurant for breakfast, European Hotel prohibited foods (including fruits, etc.) out of the restaurant.

Whether in the restaurant or Western dining hall, please keep calm mood to enjoy, do not make much noise.

Check Hotel Instructions

No hot water supply in the European hotel, but the cold water is usually safe to drink. Since Asians and Europeans differ constitution, we recommend that you arrive in Europe do not drink cold water first two days, in case you have acclimatized.

Where on the hotel TV "PAY" or "P" channels are pay channels;

Bathing stay at the hotel, note To shower curtain drawn in the bathtub, If it gets wet carpet, you may compensate 300-1000 euros.

Available in several different size of towel, Generally the maximum is for bathing, used to wash towels with the smallest, thickest for footpads.