By next year you may be able to buy a Nokia Smartphone again

Nokia Technologies, one in all solely three business units of the Finnish phone maker to stay, is thinking of staging a re-entry into the buyer market of Smartphone as early as 2016. Sources known with Nokia Oyj’s plans told Re/code that, along with new Nokia Smartphone, the company is also working on virtual reality technology, among its other projects.


Nokia departed from the phone market when it vended its mobile phone division to the Microsoft Corp. for $7.2 billion in 2013. But after that also Nokia was remained for its network hardware business, maps business and Nokia Technologies. Nokia owns more than 10,000 patents, and Nokia Technologies is charged with licensing those patents to 3rd party.


Last year this corporate company took an attempt at the tablet market as it launched the Nokia N1, an eight-inch Android-based tablet. The Nokia N1 was designed in Finland, but it was only available in the market of China and is made, marketed, sold-out and distributed by Foxconn Technology Group which is a big Taiwanese manufacturer and they are best known for making Apple products.

Under the terms of the agreement with Microsoft, Nokia isn’t allowed to bring any mobile phone carrying the Nokia brand to the market till 31st December 2015, and even then it’s unlikely to produce back in-house. This corporate is possibly following the same strategy as it did with the N1 tablet.


According to the report, Nokia isn’t resting on its glory; rather this company is organizing themselves for the future to launch new products in 2016 and so on.


“They have a lot of great stuff in development,” Richard Kerris, a ex-Nokia executive and consultant told Re/code. “It gave me complete confidence that Nokia is a company that is not going away.”


Details regarding the projects under development weren’t coming forth. However, Kerris said “people will be blown away if some of the stuff he saw comes to market.” 


From the little information we have, we can only wonder what Nokia’s strategies are for its Latest Nokia Phones on its homecoming and we will also wait for the Nokia mobile with price. In future, this company may launch an Android Smartphone as an accompaniment to the Nokia N1 tablet and sell it in China as part of the present deal with Foxconn, or they might take an alternative route.


Microsoft has since plummeted the Nokia name and branding on its Smartphone.