A Fantastic Fredericksburg Bed and Breakfast

A Fantastic Fredericksburg Bed and Breakfast

Guests who stay at this bed & breakfast in Fredericksburg, TX are provided with a range of luxury amenities. Each individual suite features iPads, hot tubs, gas fireplaces, central air, and triple-sheeted beds. Its properties are located right in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, allowing visitors to enjoy all of the cultural and entertainment options available in this prime vacation destination. 


Wine Country Cottages Bed & Breakfast Include:

- Petit Chateau

- Bodega

- Cuvee

- Tank House



Wine Country Hacienda Bed & Breakfast Include:

- Ruby Cabernet

- Chenin Blanc

- Pinot Noir


For more information call toll free (800) 775-3197 or email: [email protected]