Schwarzlicht poster

Schwarzlicht poster


Have you ever asked yourself how to get a beautiful and welcoming atmosphere in your flat. Wouldn't it be nice to have something really special around you. How would you decorate your room? If you like vibrant colours, glowing paintings and blacklight art, how should they look alike.

We discovered one of the most interesting artist group since years!


From beautiful blacklight landscapes to the fairy and fantasy world you can browse through this magical wall hangings. Maybe you are wondering where this pictures come from and where they have there origin.


Many years ago they become very popular in the Goa Festival scene and on Psytrance Parties. They are well known as the term Goa Deko. Other call it Schwarzlicht Poster. But why is that?


Because they glow magically in the dark. So imagine your living room with such a beautiful painting glowing in the dark! How beautiful is this. Furthermore this Schwarzlicht Poster is available in Indoor and for Outdoor. So if you choose to go for an Outdoor Goa Deko you can even hang it in your garden, take it to the next Goa Party and hang it in your camp. Because all of the Outdoor Schwarzlicht Deko is waterproof and you can even clean it. All you can discover in this Goa Deko Shop.


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