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As We Open Our Eyes I meditate and pray to God a lot So much that rhyming I cant stop Everyone is special you see This gift of words Gods giving to me The gift comes from the Holy Spirit Words flow thru me, for other to hear it God uses me in this special way To bring joy into people’s days Ask God for your gift, and you will receive It will be something God feels that you need So when you go to sleep tonight Try to feel the spirit alright The spirit is always there We just need to be aware A spiritual gift as you arise Everything looks different as we open our eyes Your purpose and path seem so clear You feel God’s love and presence near A new found feeling of peace and love An abundance of blessings from lord above A new spiritual gift to pursue And knowledge and wisdom of what to do God’s child he loves and teaches over time To be with God, now everything feels so fine As we open our eyes the bright light shines As we open our eyes God’s word, Gods rhyme

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