Tips To Help You Plant And Take Care Of Heirloom Seeds

Gardening is a passion many of us have. The sheer joy of watching the plants thrive, grow and flower brings an everlasting joy to a gardener. Though many of us enjoy gardening not all of us are aware of the proper procedures that can help to have a buzzing and blooming garden. For those who may not know. Heirloom seeds are those seeds that have been preserved for quite an amount of time. These are not hybrid seeds but are naturally pollinated seeds, preserved over time. These seeds are pretty hardy in nature, because only the strongest survive the test of time. One passionate gardener named William Woys Weaver is known to be the keeper of some 2,000 heirloom seeds, which is called the Roughwood Seed Collection. He inherited it from his grandfather. Heirloom seeds of vegetables, flowers, fruits and herbs enable the farmers and gardeners to grow some rare varieties of plants that are not available easily in the market.

Here are some tips to help you plant and take from heirloom seeds:

1. Decide whether you want to plant heirloom flower or vegetables seeds. Farmers prefer heirloom vegetable seeds for healthy and good crops. Most of the gardeners prefer to plant heirloom flower seeds because the joy of watching some of the rarest flowers bloom in their prized garden is simply priceless. These seeds can be grown in patio containers if you do not have adequate space in the garden.

2. Monitor the amount of exposure the plants are getting. Sunlight is one of the most important factors that can help a plant to grow properly. Follow the directions given in the package of heirloom seeds. They mention the amount of sunlight exposure needed for a particular variety of heirloom seeds.

3. Sowing these seeds properly is pretty important. One can either sow them indoors or directly sow them in the garden earth. Be sure to read the directions in the label which gives proper information that is needed to know for individual variety of plant seeds.

4. Heirloom seeds are always considered better in comparison to hybrid seeds because they are more disease resistant than the hybrid variety. Hence it is not a matter of surprise that most farmers and gardeners prefer heirloom seeds to hybrid seeds. But one should be well aware of the way of taking care of them. A very traditional approach to gardening and farming is needed to grow healthy flowers, fruits and vegetables from heirloom seeds.