Orange County Schools Develop Social Education with Disney


If it wasnt a big enough benefit to grow up across the street to the Magic Kingdom, Orange County kids are also being sought out by nonprofit organizations within their area. As part of Disneylands 50th anniversary celebrations, high school students from Orange County Schools have the chance to be involved in community outreach projects with local non-profits. Going To my likely provides tips you could give to your friend.

Show Your Figure

The Show Your Character competition encourages local nonprofits to create projects that get kids involved. Beginning in 2004 and continuing through 2006, Orange County nonprofits submit project proposals designed to help local teen-agers surrender to their area. If selected, the non-profits are coupled with Orange County kids and provided the resources they had a need to c-omplete a community-service project within their neighborhoods.

Tasks for the competition must meet the California curriculum requirements for Service Learning Projects. In this manner, academic credit is earned by students while learning valuable skills from charitable organizations.