Cpap Machines From Fisher And Paykel

Fisher and Paykel CPAP machines are available in different variants for diverse needs. Identifying the proper machine for your sleep apnea diagnosis is crucial to user comfort and optimal benefit. If you are looking at CPAP machines and parts for your needs, Fisher and Paykel could be the answer, because of the support that the company provides. Fisher and Paykel will provide you with CPAP machines and services depending on whether you are a user yourself, or a caregiver or a clinician.

At, we have a diverse range of CPAP machines, including products from Fisher and Paykel; choose the one that suits your needs the best. Not only are you assured of timely delivery, you also get the benefit of choosing the right solution, backed by support and help in case you run into trouble with your therapy.

Support for users of Fisher and Paykel CPAP machines

One of the biggest challenges faced by users of CPAP machines is that they tend to get disheartened by the discomforts and give up on therapy. However, support in terms of user-focused research and literature can help in compliance.

Support for users includes short set-up time to ensure minimal hassles. Fisher and Paykel also provide users with support solutions by way of communication with their CPAP machines and devices. This is available in the form of detailed and comprehensive brochures, user manuals, product catalogues and instructions for those who are setting up the system. Further, the company also provides online support on their different products and ranges. With focus on patient-support, this enables enhanced compliance with therapy for users. The company also provides focused support and help to clinicians to help them understand and provide better care to users.

Products for Sleep apnea

Fisher and Paykel products for sleep apnea include CPAP machines and humidifiers in a wide range. Each of these serves a different purpose. However, when you buy a Fisher and Paykel CPAP machine, you are also assured of maintenance and support, including spare parts for your devices.

Tracking or monitoring performance

Fisher and Paykel machines offer the advantage of performance tracking and reporting of the CPAP treatment. Performance logs by the CPAP machines can provide users and caregivers useful indications of the therapy.


Fisher and Paykel SleepStyle series of CPAP machines uses heated breathing-tube technology and devices provides users with a humidification system that automatically adjusts to their needs as they use the machine.

Auto-adjustment of CPAP pressure

Fisher and Paykel machines include SensAwake, a device that detects breathing irregularity among CPAP users. The machine works by detecting whether the user is awake or not, and if awake, by reducing the pressure to a level that helps the user get back to sleep.

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