How do I repaint Woodard iron furniture?

Remove RustRemove any rust or corrosion from your Woodard iron furniture. Hook a wire wheel attachment to a cordless drill. Wear safety goggles and a dust mask. Run the wheel over the furniture in a buffing motion to remove the rust. Even if there is no rust visible to the naked eye, complete this process to help the new paint adhere to the iron.

Prime the IronWear gloves and use a chemical rust stripper for any hard-to-remove spots of rust. Prime every surface of the furniture with a primer made for metal. You do not have to find a primer made specifically for iron. Apply the primer like you would paint, using a brush and slow, even strokes. Prime with an aerosol spray primer if the wrought iron is intricate and a paintbrush is unable to reach every surface.

Paint the IronBuy a paint made specifically for metal. Paint the metal furniture with a brush or spray with spray paint that will adhere to iron. Paint your furniture outdoors for adequate ventilation.

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