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A Friend’s Poem: A Special Friend Now I sit down to write this time To a very special friend of mine Thank you for talking to me so nice Today I thank God not once but twice I am glad to have you to talk with Best friends together it’s not a myth I can share all my thoughts with you Open my heart is honest and true You know you can tell me anything you want I will never judge and never taunt I am happy to have you in my life And pray for your happiness each night May God bless you in abundance everyday And enjoy each day in a major way Live, love, and laugh is what it’s about I can’t wait to get together and go out It took us awhile but knows we are friends I’m changing my life and making amends What a great future we have you see Open willing and honest we will be Spending time together every now and then Just waiting and talking until when Until I can hug you in my arms It will feel like we cannot be harmed A peaceful moment we will have And be thankful to God and be glad To have a friendship so strong To have someone wed never do wrong To care for and protect each other in everyway To have someone to call any day Even though we are just friends Our friendship prevails and for that amen

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