- Legit Or Scam?

Where there is smoke there is usually fire friend. Your gut instinct was right and you should demand a refund immediately. The group you are dealing with is a long-running scam that is based in the U.K. but since most of their sales calls come out of Thailiand and the Phillipines the authorities have a legal dilemma in shutting them down.

Actually they operate more than one scam and they use two different names. You mentioned the name but they also use the i-to-i name which not only peddles phony tefl courses but also fraudulent internships, and over-priced travel packages.

What makes them especially despicable is that they target the unemployed (desperate for jobs) and the elderly (gullible and needy of extra income). They are also suspected of running a bogus "work at home scheme" but there is not enough proof (yet) to be 100% sure.

As you surf the internet you will find this evidence:

1) Over a dozen "Warning" posts by past and present victims (google their names with the key words of "fraud, scam, problems, and complaints, and you will find many links like these...


2) You will find a bunch of broken links citing negative news about the companies - proof they are hiring hackers and SEO specialists are being hire to delete and hide the truth.

3) About a dozen phony "Tefl Review" sites and shills like Kenneth Beare who endlessly praise both companies with remarks that are either paid for or self-created. The review at the below sites are all fake...

Their estimated 10,000 victims a year all fall into one of three categories a) Gullible, b) Desperate Naive, and c) Either too lazy or ignorant as to how to conduct even preliminary due diligence online that is objective. In my opinion they should all be jailed for victimizing the elderly and those living on unemployment checks.

Interestingly, this gang has been blacklisted since 2007 and more recently in 2012 by and others yet the warnings are buried on pages13-20 of Google since the fraudster probably uses a very talented SEO specialist as well.