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A Sisters Poem: Love For a Sister My sister I write a note By visiting me you helped me cope Thanks for helping me in my time of need I am thankful to you indeed I love you more than I show This I thought you should know I pray for you everyday And ask God to bless you in a major way A new life I will start As I pray to God from my heart Enjoying all my time day by day Gods will not mine is what I say Turn my life over to God’s hands Will help me renew my character as a man I pray for you and your family to be blessed And ask God to do all the rest I write to you this rhyme To thank you for all you time Thank you for loving me I will return the love you will see I am glad to be your brother And that we love one another All the time we have shared Shows that we have both cared God has created us a purpose and path And put us here just where we are at Sometimes we go thru trials Sad and happy sometimes for awhile As long as we learn from our mistakes Another day we will awake To be thankful is the key For a loving relationship you and me

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