The Pro "jump ticket" or being released in March next year

Sales of apple's tablet device has four quarters in a row, on apple's earnings performance also can use the poor to describe. Market statistics institutions IDC believes that in apple before the product line "radical change", the market still will continue to present a weakening trend.
So, what is "disruptive change"? The Pro is most of the current view, but according to south Korean media reports, the original issued by the "set" this year the Pro is likely to be delayed until next year. According to the news of the exposure of apple's supply chain, the Pro will be delayed until next year, but the release time is not in October, but the spring conference in March.
Apple to restart the spring conference this year, and in the meeting issued a new design of Retina MacBook, also announced Apple Watch on sale for more information.
While the sales continue to decline, but cook in earnings conference call once again expressed his confidence in the device, he said, and simplicity, compared to the sales data of other "basic data" let us see the side, conducive to the development of the he predicted that the future will continue to grow.
In fact, since it first tablet on the market in 2010 up to now, the apple has been the fastest selling products. "The first year of shipments to break through 10 million, three years after the shipments to 100 million, five years is 250 million units.