How to store winter wool sweater to keep it safe from moths?

Clothes moths like to eat wool sweater and maybe you have notice them. The adult moths are no more than a half inch long with golden or buff color and you cannot image it that they eat your wool sweater. However, it is the larva which is a small white worm that actually eats wool sweaters, not the adult moths themselves. But if the adults are around, and they are laying eggs that can be a threat to you wool sweater.

How to store winter wool sweater to keep it safe from moths? There are four tips.

Tips 1 Wash all your sweaters that you put away for storage. This is very important to avoid providing any free chance for moths.

Tips 2 Use chemical deterrents. Commercial moth deterrents exist, for instance, mothballs or flakes, and these moth repellent indeed works well.

Tips 3 Use lavender oil. Because lavender oil is a natural moth repellent and it can certainly keep the moths away. It will also give your wool sweater fresh smell.

Tips 4 Store your wool sweaters in sealed containers to keep them always dry. If the insects cannot lay eggs, they will not eat your wool sweaters. And never put the sweater away damp, especially you are storing your sweaters for a season, if fact, for a few days, also not.