How to select the portable stage for concert stage

Someone who hosts the concert purchase different large top quality outdoor concert. RK experts guide you to select a portable stage. Which kind of stage is best for you?
Light weight modular collapsible design
Easy Set-up by a couple of person
Best for small to medium applications
Works best on flat surfaces
Interchangeable, risers allow you to change the height as needed.
Guard rails, stairs, ramps, backdrops & storage/ transportation systems available 
Carpeted , industrial or tuffcoat finishes available
Store in a compact space
Stage platforms available in square, triangle, quarter round shapes allowing you to form different shaped stages.
Concert mobile stage are used in equally outdoor venues, generally it need large money. When compare to purchase a portable mobile stage, which are low cost. RK has a vast assortment, from RK have to the best decision.