A new type of fiber—jade fiber

We are promoting the concept of “low carbon” in modern society, which can be seen in the pursuit of reform and innovation in textile industry. Therefore, china fiber supplier views jade fiber as a new type of fiber, which can be applied in the production of underwear, jackets and socks and the like.


With the improvement of living standards, people are constantly upgrading their requirements for necessities. At the same time, the requirements for textiles are not the same as what they sought in the past, but being more fashionable and environmental friendly. Moreover, based on the original idea in the textile industry, now people focus more on product innovation, the mature of low-cost and the development of environmental protection. Among all the functional fibers products, jade fiber has a strong wicking ability, which means that it can reach a comfort temperature quickly. Sometimes, we may feel stuffy when we wear clothes made of some other materials, however, products made of jade fiber can give you a feeling that you’ve never enjoyed.


Now with the concept of health in the textile field and environmental requirements in market trend, what we concern most is that jade fiber has broad prospects for development. And we hope to get customers of all ages to seek higher development. If you have the demand to buy cool and healthy jade fiber, we are your reliable partner.