How Car Remapping Should Be Done ?

How Car Remapping Should Be Done ?

1. Call a trustworthy and authorised car remapping center to discuss your needs for car remapping and to fix appointment to visit their location.


2. When you take your car to the remapping center technicians take your car for prior diagnosis using various forms of diagnostic equipment to confirm and check that car is in a suitable condition for the remap to be carried out. While dignosis of car, existing faults are resloved because a car should never be remapped with existing faults, if not then potentially results disastrous. 


3. After diagmosis of car a simple road test is carried out to check the current performance and check for signs that things are not as they should be.


4. After that stable power supply is provided to the battery of vehicle just to avoid any risk of getting battery flat that in between the process of read/write  of remapping software that result in corruption or killing of the ECU. Also some ECUs will not allow the read/write process unless a battery voltage of more than 14v is achieved. 


5. Now a specialized computerised interface is plugged into the ECU’s OBD port to select the correct protocol to read the ECU. After that all data files are copied to it. 


6. The copied ECU data files are sent to the Expert Remapping Technicians to recalibrate various maps to enhance both fuel efficiency and performance. 


7. In a short time the reconfigured data files will returned by the remapping technician after doing appropriate changes.


8. This new file is loaded onto the interface which is then plugged into the OBD port for the file to be written to the ECU memory.


9. Once the write-back is complete, the equipment will all be removed and the car will be started and allowed to idle for a short period. This will allow the ECU to complete any adaptation processes it may need to do in order to idle correctly.


10. A final road test and diagnostic check will be carried out to assess the new performance, and see if all is as expected and ready to be enjoyed.


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