Identification of common fabric

Do you know the ways to identify the common fabric? What would you do when you want to buy some cloth or some other products made by common fabric? Now China fabric supplier can teach you some ways to get some basic idea about the common fabric.


Today, we can discuss the organoleptic method to choose the fabric.

First, a cotton cloth: Oil sheen and soft, soft, less flexible, easy to wrinkles. After the release of fabric hand clenched, showed obvious wrinkles and creases easily restitution. After a few extracts from the selvage weft twist open the watch, the fibers of varying lengths.

What’ more, sticky cotton (including rayon, rich fiber cloth): Oil sheen soft and bright, colorful, flat and smooth, soft, less flexible. After the release of fabric hand clenched, showed obvious creases, and folds easily restitution coming from silk fabric manufacture.

In addition, polyester fabric: cotton Bumin relatively bright luster, fabric smooth, clean and free of yarn or impurities. Feel smooth, crisp, good elasticity than cotton cloth. After the release of fabric hand clenched, creases obvious, and easy to restitution.

Finally, wool worsted fabric: fabric surface smooth and clean, clear and fine textured. Soft gloss natural, pure color is soft and elastic. Release the hand clenched faces it, crease obvious, and can quickly restitution. Most of double strand of yarn is here for you guys.


Of course, wool nylon blending cloth coming from silk scarf wholesale has a sense of wool, wax-like appearance with a shiny, feel stiff. Hand clenched it expected after the release, there are obvious creases, can slow restitution.