Religious Medals

The medals will also be prevalent in other religious societies for instance Buddhism. Religious medals are adopted coming from the ritual practices of tribes. The use of religious medals resembles the technique of using amulets to protect the evil practices. Some members of the society impart sacredness to these religious medals where as some others consider it only as a souvenir or perhaps a commemorative piece. Religious medals are getting to be a fundamental part of the custom practices in some societies.

Religious medals reflect the unique practices prevalent in a very group. Religious medals of Hinduism usually feature the photo with the deity. The popular medals of Hinduism include Kali, Durga, Sarasvati, Parvati, Krishna, Siva, Ganesh, Hanuman, etc. Some medals feature the holy geometrical figures. Religious medals of Catholics feature the photo of Jesus, Virgin Mary along with the patron saints. A number of the Catholic medals are issued as memorials of special occasions or places. The medals ordinarily have the carvings such as "pray for people like us." Several of the religious medals feature the lifespan and preaching of holy persons.


Religious medals are popular because the belief that they may impart good fortune to the people who have them. The medals can help you to assure the devotion on the god. The people who take advantage of the medals trust that the medals will protect them from evil spirits and help to keep the virtues with the life. Aside from the spiritual significance, religious medals have archaeological relevance. These religious, memorial pieces assistance to produce an idea about previous times events. A number of the vintage medals are extremely costly and they are treated being a valuable collection.

Religious medals are common as jewelry also. They can be sometimes made to order in various metals for example gold, silver, bronze, or copper. Religious medals are generally used as pendants. Some utilize it as bracelets, area of the rosary, etc. Necklaces in the pattern of religious medals undoubtedly are a recent trend popular.