Anatolian Fortress Istanbul

Anatolian Fortress  Istanbul

It's in the zone where it built its name and is on the spot where Goksu River fills the Bosphorus which was at one time a champion amongst the most praised resorts of Istanbul. It was amassed by Yildirim Bayezit why should arranging overcome Istanbul like Fatih amidst 1394-1395.This first square organized building included a 25 meter long four staggered tower and dividers incorporating it. Later when Mehmet, the champ was building the Fortress of Rumeli, he also enveloped this fortress by greater dividers and towers to fabricate its ambushing power. It lost its ability with the improvement of new strongholds on the north of the Bosphorus. The Fortress of Anatolia which was dismissed through nineteenth century had some mischief and avenues were gone from its edges. The house which was utilized as the Management of Fortresses Museum is shut in Republic period.