Wedding Flower Arrangements

Weddings are special moments in every couple’s life. That’s why it is very important for your wedding to look as glamorous from the wedding venue to the reception area. One good way of making your wedding shine is by picking the right wedding flower arrangements.

You might forget what the cake tasted like on your wedding day, you may forget what music was playing or who actually danced at the reception. But Flowers are the most photographed details in weddings, so your wedding flower arrangement should be as close to perfect as possible.

But, as you already know, wedding flower arrangements can be very expensive. Keep in mind you need wedding flower arrangements for the venue and reception, the costs of just flowers can seem overwhelming fast.

Now, you may wonder. Is there any way you can get beautiful arrangements of these wedding flowers at their reasonable prices? It depends on the florist you hire and the rates they charge. But finding a good florist can be difficult and you may go through a few before you find the right one for your wedding.

wedding flower bouquets

A better option may be to save time and money by buying your wedding flower arrangements from Rosenerds. Rosenerds offers wholesale flowers for weddings, anniversaries and more. With the combination of our expertise and our fresh cut wholesale flowers, it will not be hard for you to get the most beautiful wedding flower arrangements at their reasonable prices.

Getting Started – Planning and Deciding on the Wedding Flower Arrangements

There are several things to consider in this part of the wedding preparation. You have to consider how your wedding would look like and the colors to be used for the invitation or your wedding centerpieces. The season that the wedding will be held and the color scheme should also be considered.

All these things play their important role in choosing the wedding flower arrangements for your wedding day. Other things you have to consider include bridesmaids’ dresses, cake, bridal party gifts and table accents. All these things should complement the arrangements you decide on.

What About Seasonal Flowers?

It is a common knowledge that most flowers bloom in season. If you want to reduce your costs you should pick flowers that are in season. Not sure which flowers are available in each season? Here are some examples for you to consider:

Spring – Daffodil, lilac, apple blossom, daisy, orchid, chrysanthemum, amaryllis, azalea, lilac, primrose, bluebell, freesia, cherry blossom, jasmine, carnation and tulip.

Summer – Aster, orchid, azalea marigold, carnation, peony, cornflower, rose, heather, daisy, rhododendron, delphinium, jasmine, tiger lily, gardenia, fuchsia, lilac, sweat pea and lily of the valley.

Autumn – hydrangea, freesia, rose, iris, dahlia, morning glory, daisy, chrysanthemum, orchid and lily.

Winter – carnation, freesia, snowdrop, lily winter, jasmine, rose, holly berries, forsythia, orchid, chrysanthemum and iris.

Create a list of the arrangements that you need, right from the ceremony to the reception. This is also the time that you need to find a reliable florist or a wholesale flower company with fresh cut flowers. If you already have an idea on what wedding flower arrangements you want, it will make the process go much easier if not, you can always rely on your wedding planner for more suggestions.

While you are deciding on the arrangements to be made, never forget about the concept of simplicity. You want your wedding day to be perfect. However, the decorations or wedding flower arrangements should only serve as an accent to the setting. They should not steal the event and scene from you, as the bride. It’s your most important day, after all.