How to use IGBT Power Modules - FZ1200R33KL2 a 3300V IGBT for Brushed DC Motor

Visit now and get your own FZ1200R33KL2. With this IGBT transistor module from Infineon, your brushed DC motors will be better than ever!


FZ1200R33KL2 is the device you need to improve the performance of your brushed DC motor. Whether you’re using your motor drive to as simple as a paper machine or to something as colossal as cranes, FZ1200R33KL2 can guarantee a boost of your drive’s power!


Manufactured by Infineon, FZ1200R33KL2 weighs 8 lbs. and can produce a power level of up to 3300V and 1200A!


FZ1200R33KL2 guarantees efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness. Its strong module construction gives it the ability to modify the function of brushed DC motors, enabling the machines to charge up beyond the limit. Its construction also assures its extended lifespan, hence, making your investment worth it!


Aside from brushed DC motors, FZ1200R33KL2 also offers tremendous benefits to CAVs and railway tractions.


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