Gibson and Associates Solicitors: How To Resolve a Tradesman Dispute

Hiring a tradesman to work for you will always be difficult as it is often hard to know whether they are reliable, good at what they do and that their price is fair and reasonable for the work they will be completing for you.

Thankfully most of the time these kind of transactions go smoothly and both you and your tradesman are happy with the outcome of the job. However, sometimes things do go wrong, the relationship between you and your tradesman is compromised and you end up in a dispute with them.

When this happens it can be difficult to know what to do, but this guide will help you to understand how you can resolve your dispute.

" You will need to explain first and foremost what the issue is and put this in writing to your tradesman, even if you have already discussed this face to face or on the telephone. You should agree a date with your tradesman to put the work right and include this date in your letter.

" If your tradesman fails to put the problem right for you on the date you agreed, he will have breached the contract. Agree another completion date, which will need to be honoured, regardless of any other work he has pending.

" If your tradesman has still not done as he has promised, you should issue a final deadline and advise him that unless he completes the work by the deadline, you will instruct another tradesman to complete the work and will be billing him for the additional cost. You should put this in writing and supply your tradesman with any quotes you have obtained for completion of the work.

" Your tradesman may belong to a professional association, which could help you to resolve your dispute with their member. Your only other course of action may be to take the tradesman to court.

" A solicitor will be able to offer you advice on your chances of success and any other steps you could take to try to resolve the dispute, but litigation may be your only option at this point.

It is unlikely that most tradesman will want to be taken to court and hopefully your dispute will be resolved quickly and professionally so you can both avoid the stress and cost of a legal battle.