Which layer structure is most important for laminate flooring?

We will curious about the layer structure when we find a wood in the forest as we were a child. Now we will now there is mysterious in it. As plywood supplier in China said that which layer structure is most important for laminate flooring? Today we can say what the researcher said about it together.


Lee: How is Laminate flooring composed, among which the most important parts?

Dr. Fu: Now on the market to strengthen the composite wood floor composite materials are generally formed by four layers, namely wear layer, decorative layer, substrate layer and moisture barrier.

Laminate flooring is moisture-proof bottom layer, usually polyester material; the base layer is to strengthen the primary composite wood flooring

Body part, the use of MDF as a substrate; a decorative layer above the base layer, which is the pattern layer, which is the use of a specially processed paper as material; wear-resistant layer on the surface of the floor is to strengthen a uniform layer of anti-wear agent repression. You can go to the block boards wholesale China and figure out some features about it.

In this four-layer, the substrate layer is most important, it is a central component of laminate flooring, it pine, fast-growing tree species as the main raw material, and after peeling and screening process, the use of wood or plant fibers by mechanical separation and chemical treatment incorporation of adhesives and waterproofing agent, and then pavement, forming and high-temperature, high-pressure compressed into.


Because it is the wood fibers are added adhesive by high temperature, high pressure from its more uniform density, mechanical properties close to the timber, is currently the more popular man-made sheet when we buy best mdf wood in China.