Cosmic Fog Kryptonite e-Liquid Review

Cosmic Fog Kryptonite e-Liquid Review
If you're not familiar with Cosmic Fog, Kryptonite is a great e-Liquid of theirs to get familiar with the brand. Cosmic Fog describes it as: My only weakness! A vape that you couldn't put down to save your life, makes Kryptonite true to its name. A sweet and refreshing blend of cool melon paired with your favorite candy, makes a bottle of juice that you'll finish as fast as a speeding bullet.”

And I've gotta say, after trying it I'm inclined to agree with them.Kryptonite is a classic e-juice flavor, sweet melon candy and cool menthol, but the flavor is much more balanced compared to other brands. It's a sweet juice for sure but it's not too sweet. If it were food, you wouldn't get a stomach ache from eating too much! The sweet candy flavor is rounded out by a savory melon with just enough menthol to cool you down. 

This is a flavor that really tastes exactly like it smells. I've had some juices where I smell it and smells like one thing but tastes like another and the results usually aren't good (and I've had a whole lot of different e-liquid.) But not the case with this juice.One of my favorite things with an e-liquid is when you get different flavors on the inhale and exhale rather than a barrage of mashed up flavors all at once. It's a sign of a quality liquid and Cosmic Fog hits the mark with Kryptonite. On the inhale is the sweet melon, smooth and sweet while on the exhale it's a rush of sweet menthol. But like I said not so much menthol that it overpowers the flavors and burns your nostrils. Nope, it's more of a feeling than a flavor. It cools your whole mouth off in the most refreshing way possible.

I'm not too crazy about fruit or menthol flavors, I'm more of a dessert flavor person myself. But Cosmic Fog Kryptonite is a fruit e-Liquid that I can get behind. The very first e-Liquid I ever bought was called Snakebite which was a watermelon menthol flavor. It was the only time I ever bought it and I hadn't had a flavor similar to it until I did this Cosmic Fog Kryptonite review and I definitely remember why I liked Snakebite so much when I first had it. For the summer time (it's almost June in Southern California, that means it's getting hot as hell out here!) it's a perfect flavor - cool and refreshing. Combined with A/C or a fan, it's the best way to beat the heat. I do like my dessert/custard/pie e-liquids, but they don't feel the same in summer time as they do in winter. I remember when I smoked, I always smoked regular cigarettes unless it was summer time. Then, it was only menthols til the weather cooled off, but I don't like just straight menthol e-juice.  

I'm glad I did this Kryptonite review because I'll expand my horizons a bit more and try some of Cosmic Fog's other flavors like The Shocker, which is a strawberry lemonade flavor, that sounds perfect for summer time. Anyways, if you're looking for sweet but refreshing, Cosmic Fog Kryptonite e-liquid is a great choice, especially for warmer weather. I think I'm going to enjoy the day in the shade with a mojito and this bottle of Kryptonite!