Properties Of Alcohol Ethoxylates AEO

Alcohol Ethoxylates is called Fatty Alcohol-polyoxyethylene Ether or AEO. AEO’s melting point is 41-45 ° C (lit.), boiling point is 100 ° C (lit.) and flash point is > 230 ° F. Alcohol Ethoxylates has none toxicity and no irritation. Fatty Alcohol-polyoxyethylene Ether is an important non-ionic surfactant with the characteristics of emulsification, dispersing, infiltration, water solubility and detergency. Alcohol Ethoxylates is widely used in various fields. In washing industry, Alcohol Ethoxylates works as the main active ingredients of washing detergents and metal cleaning agent. In the dyeing and printing industry, AEO is used as chemical fiber oil agent.Fatty Alcohol-polyoxyethylene Ether serves as deinking agent, blankets cleaner and resin remover in paper industry. Alcohol Ethoxylates has other applications such as pesticide emulsifier, oil demulsifier and lubricating oil emulsifier, etc.
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