Arrest Aging With Regular Use Of Idebenone


Exposure to the sun for long hours at a stretch has been proved to be responsible for photo-aging. The dermal matrix of elastin and collagen fibers gets eroded resulting in appearance of prematurely aging skin. Damage caused by continuous exposure to the sun is more harmful than thought earlier. It has been shown that even for several hours after the exposure, the skin continues to degrade. Skin being transparent has the capacity to absorb Ultra violet light. This ultra violet light penetrates the layers of the skin and attacks the DNA cells. DNA cells have the ability to transform the photons into harmless heat. Still a small quantity of the ultra violet rays which remains un-transformed causes damage to the skin by way of sunburns. Recent studies carried out on the idebenone effect on anti-aging have been positive. Idebenone, when applied as a trans dermal cream, has a greater effect. The idebenone cream is unique in the sense that it may be delivered throughout the entire stretch of the body. It rejuvenates the skin and at the same time has a mitigating effect on the formation of wrinkles as the cream gets absorbed into the circulatory system of the human body. No other antioxidant is known to function better.