Five Month old Daughter of south sudanese young musician 50 D fall sick addmitted at Mapuordit Hospital. Borntalented appreciates his fans for praying

50 D aprecites his fans for their concern

The south sudanese upcoming musician Borntalented appereciates his fans for taking their time to pray her  daughter, the kampala basing singer 50 D says nothing can be good without good friends, yes today my daughter fall sick and noe back to her normal life and health because of my fans, friends, family memebers and entire public prayers.

I also take this oppurtunity to thank all the media houses  for alerting the general public about my daughter health thats a great thing to be appereciated, i also thanks Doctor Rossari of Mapuordit hopital for taking care of my wife and my daughter till she become fine,  yes in every thing there is good side and bad side but all you put in mind as a man is to put all the wrong stuff on your lrft and keep the right staffs or your right side inorder to persue better thoughts then, negative edorsers.

My appreciation will also goes to my music promoters for making me a defined man today in my country, i also thanks my ex girlfriends brother, sisters, cousins=, and the general public for the love they have shown me.


That  was one of south sudanese upcoming musician Borntalented the 2senses crew Ambasoder and king above kings he promise to be king obove kings south sudan  in some years to com.