Moto three 2K screen machines Sarkozy exposure: equipped with Android 5.1

Recently, some foreign friends in the forum Reddit broke the news that Motorola will launch three new aircraft carriers for the US Verizon, their mobile phone models are XT192A, XT1585 and XT1578. Wherein, XT192A equipped with Android 5.1 system, the touch screen with a resolution of 1440 × 2368 pixels, PPI 640; while XT1585 is equipped with an updated version of Android5.1.1 system with 1440 × 2368 pixel resolution touch screen, PPI same 640; The XT1578 is also running Android5.1.1 system, but the resolution was 1440 × 2392 pixels, PPI 560 is expected to be a larger screen products.

After the news that Motorola will launch new flagship. However, when the argument is that Motorola is building a Motorola Droid tablet phone, and ready to be released this year as the flagship model. The three models from the exposure does not seem like a flat, because the pixel density XT192A and XT1585 is 640ppi, then it means that the two new machines equipped with 5.0 inches touch screen, the Motorola XT1578 has 560PPI pixel density, it presages the machine touch screen size and Droid turbo closer.

Before it is Verizon launched Motorola Droid Ultra, Droid Maxx, Droid Mini three models, with a similar shape, but there are differences in the thickness of the body part of the configuration and battery capacity, the touch screen size, memory, etc., so this exposure of the three models is likely to continue this pattern, it is possible to officially debut this summer.