Windows 10 also new tactics: positive development of interactive dynamic magnetic stickers

In addition to the Start menu in addition to a 3D dynamic magnetic stickers, Microsoft is also preparing to introduce an interactive dynamic tile (Interactive Live Tile). Tile (Tile) is arguably one of the important new inventions since 8 of Windows, in particular, has become a sign of Microsoft's mobile phone, naturally we should vigorously improve.

In fact, early last year, Microsoft demonstrated this concept, but now does not appear in the Windows 10 Preview. Microsoft do it yet?

Obviously Definitely not. Microsoft Developer publicist Jerry Nixon revealed that the interactive tiles feature is still under development, it will be in the near future to meet you.

As for the release of Windows 10 when it is there, and has not been confirmed or denied, to see whether enough time, or have to wait until next year's upgrade Windows 10.1.

The so-called interactive dynamic magnetic stickers, in fact, well understood, a bit like Android in the widget, you can do some simple magnetic paste operations directly, without the need to open the corresponding program.