Peeling dies regional size selection(2)

Okay, I have to admit that I still want to get the rest of the peeling dies regional size selection as I cannot leave it for the learning is eternal stuff. I have asked the copper equipment manufacture about the other aspects of the peeling dies. Let’s learn it together.


The Workspace The workspace is a wire plastically deformed region, the size of the workspace parameters work cone angle α and length h6. Working drawing die cone angle α is the main parameters, size and distribution of the size of the working area of ​​the cone angle α acting on the drawing die hole pressure, drawing stress the size and mechanical properties of the wire is pulled from the bad a decisive role. Corresponds to the minimum work area drawing stress cone angle with drawing different environments vary; there is an optimum range of the cone angle workspace.

Sizing zone sizing zone diameter tolerances according to wire and wire to allow elastic deformation generated in the pullout be determined taking into account the life of the mold just like the mould sold in copper melting furnace wholesale, usually choose wire negative tolerances. Sizing zone too long, although can improve the life of the drawing die, but will also cause friction, increasing the amount of heat and energy, and can lead to reduced diameter of the wire or pull off the wire. Such as sizing area is too short, it will cause shaking and when drawing wire rod produced bamboo shape, but also the drawing die bore wear quickly lead to size tolerance. In general, the larger the diameter of the wire drawing, the sizing zone corresponding shorter length.


Are you clear about the four selections about the peeling dies? This time I really need to transform to the study of customized graphite mould.