South Atlanta Bankruptcy Offers Viable Bankruptcy Solutions to Help Atlanta Area Clients

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South Atlanta Bankruptcy Offers Viable Bankruptcy Solutions to Help Atlanta Area Clients


(Atlanta, GA) May 11, 2015 – South Atlanta Bankruptcy is a leading bankruptcy law firm serving individuals in Georgia. By helping clients devise a bankruptcy plan that is best for their situation, it has become a firm that people in the area turn to when under financial stress. Even people who file bankruptcy post-divorce, have student loans they want to try to discharge or own assets worth keeping will find expert help at South Atlanta Bankruptcy.


During the first quarter of 2015, more than 213,000 people filed for bankruptcy in the United States. Of those, more than 134,000 were Chapter 7 and more than 72,000 were Chapter 13. In Georgia, more than 8,000 bankruptcies were filed in the first quarter of 2015. Of those bankruptcies, more than 4,000 were Chapter 7 and more than 3,000 were Chapter 13.


When it comes to bankruptcy, every client has different needs. One may share debts with an ex while another may still be married and filing bankruptcy alone. All of these situations call for different strategies. South Atlanta Bankruptcy states that, “At our firm, you will speak to a lawyer much more often than you would with many of our competitors. We take time to make sure your specific information is correct and up to date.”


Bankruptcy law is an interesting area because there are laws to protect against fraudulent claims. This means individuals have to meet certain requirements. Moreover, changes in the law lead to a lot of misunderstandings about filing for bankruptcy. The attorneys at South Atlanta Bankruptcy can help clients see through the myths and navigate the world of bankruptcy law. From credit counseling requirements to drawing up a workable payment plan, they are there.


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South Atlanta Bankruptcy was established in 1992. There are more than 30 years experience between the attorneys working with clients to file bankruptcy claims. Clients get a free consultation before committing to services, so they can learn more about the process and what it would take for them to get the best possible results from their bankruptcy. Both partners graduated from the Cumberland School of Law in Birmingham, Alabama and are now dedicated to serving Atlanta.


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