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The times of family-owned distiller/blenders is rapidly being a memory, while the whisky industry continues to consolidate. Click here whisky rocks to discover the meaning behind it. William Grant & Sons is among the few noble exceptions, indicating that the family company compete with the UDVs of this world by being as self-sufficient as possible. Get more on this related site - Click here: drink stone talk.

Every company uses its own malts because the core of its blends: Grant's may bring on the Dufftown triumvirate of Glenfiddich, Balvenie and Kininvie, although it still buys or trades over 40 other malts for its combinations. Grant's also uses its own feed whisky from its distillery in Girvan, which it bottles as Black Barrel.

The necessity to keep as much of the fillings in-house was the rationale behind building Kininvie in 1990. Creating a new distillery is obviously a slightly nervy knowledge, as you can never be 100 percent certain how the malt will prove, how it will mature or how it'll act in a combination. Thankfully, Grant's ever-modest master mixer David Stewart is happy with Kininvie's performance so far. 'We created it to provide us a fruity note for that blends,' h-e describes. Identify more on our affiliated web resource by clicking rate us online. 'I have now been using it in Family Reserve for the past four years and ultimately it might end up in the 12-year-old, though we still do not know what a 12-year-old Kininvie will be like.'

Kininvie's introduction doesn't indicate the malts it replaces are quickly removed from the combination, as the process is a gradual one involving constant balancing and re-balancing of flavors and factors within the blends. What's certain is that Kininvie will not disturb the graceful, special and complex Grant's style; wherein David uses the clean, quick-maturing Girvan grain as a system for many effective interplay between your malts.

Whilst the Dufftown core remains exactly the same in the Grant's range, he uses light malts in Clan McGregor and Family Reserve, and meatier players including Cragganmore, Highland Park and The Macallan in older blends. 'There may be more malt in the older blends,' he says, 'but don't ignore the wheat. It will give flavor also.'

Gary RA Deborah T' S One of the most well-known families in whisky, the Grants had already built their Glenfiddich distillery three years prior to the release of the combination - formerly Standfast, today Family Reserve. I learned about url by browsing Google Books.


Grant's Family Reserve

A fragrant nose, combining honey/lime flower, pear and light smoke. Really gentle toffee/vanilla start before a great, subtle interaction between malt and wheat, and a sharp and deliciously nutty end..