Taksim Square

Taksim Square

On its south veneer disregarding the Siraselviler Street, there is Atatürk, Ismet Inönü and Fevzi Çakmak in the front and different figures behind them symbolizing the establishment of the Republic. On the north veneer ignoring at Cumhuriyet Street, the War of Independence is symbolized. On the east and west veneers, the Turkish Army is symbolized with a warrior holding the Turkish Flag.

Over this landmark on the opposite side of the Square, there is a gigantic building (Laleli Hotel)which is Atatürk Cultural Center. In the early years of the Republic, a musical show building was begun to build which was finished after a long development time of 13 years. It was opened with the name of Istanbul Cultural Palace in 1969 however endured an extraordinary harm due to a flame in 1970. It was redesigned and was given the name of Atatürk Cultural Center in 1978, known as AKM in Turkish. Today, a few national and universal shows, musical dramas, gatherings, displays and premiers are held in AKM, particularly exhibitions of Istanbul State Theaters, State Opera and Ballet, State Symphony Orchestra, State Turkish Classic Music Chorus, and International Istanbul Festival pull in numerous onlookers. These days its being renovated once more.

Among the late Ottoman period Sultan Mahmut I organized Taksim as a point where the principle water lines from north of Istanbul were gathered and diverge to different locale of the city. Thusly the Square took its name from the enormous stone supply found on the west side of the square (“taksim” implies circulation in Turkish).

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