2senses crew Borntalented says he is going to release his new song Pal aashin 2015 new song, in M Town record to work for (JOIN FAME REPORTED)

2senses crew Borntalented  says he is going  to release his new song Pal aashin 2015 new song, in M Town record to work for (JOIN FAME REPORTED)

The 2sense crew singer annouces his new song he will released soon

50 D the 2senses crew ambassoder soon to release his new track pal asin the singer said the song will be a different story, despite how bieet eeh has been rocking but this new song will be a problem to the country.

here is the interview with singer 50 D

ALEX  Hi mr 50 d this is join fame Alex the music promoter of former music Bank, so we would like to know from you what is your nexts songs after Bieet eeh


50 D Well thanks alot mr Alex iam very happy for your concern in my music yeaaaah i have promise my fans with Pal asin which is going to be my next 2015 hit, otherwise i still honerded  Bieet eeh song coz it has put me to the position iam now expected as south sudanese singer of 2014 and i also salute all my upper fans and the lower fans.


ALEX  Well mr 50 sinces  your the 2senses crew boss what do you do in your crew inorder to make others musicians considered as crew memebers though they are hard to be heard. ?


50 D  Thanks alot for your quetion bro yees as you know bro talent differentiates you from other actually my crew memebers are there but if you dont stuggle for you fame who do you thing to put you fame yes 2sense crew has 50 d but even though he is there he can only be heard more than others members what do you do as a musician, you should work hard, inorder to be popular to tell my crew memebers the truth music is music hard work is hard work if you dont keep on hard work no one will do u a favour to put you to fame.


ALEX aaaaaahaaa thats really funny mr 50, well 50 what of the out running collabo with zol battal emma 47 that has run all over the city how far have you reached ?


50 D  Yeaaah for our collabo it is still on ma nigga emma is a kind of good guy i love his music and i also thing he loves what i do also, in actual sense i respect emma in his talent coz that nigga is a hard working nigga like me, for him he doesnt just sleep without music as i do here meaning that  if we combine our hands and work togather than we can bring out something big. yeah 2senses vs zol batal ent 50 D ft Emma thos are really big names that most people are eagrly waitng to hear their tunes togather so i can still promise our project is still live to be done.


ALEX Thanks alot mr doya so what can you tell your fans out there, about your music and new year plans and about you little daughter that has been addmitted in the hospital ?


50 D  T o all my super fans thanks alot for your work, ur support and the love you have shown me in my music from last five years back, all i need to tell you is to keep up your spirit of standing for 50 D motivate more to love me and my crew 2senses crew, on top of that our little daughter is now fine she has recover otherwise iam also proud of the support you have shown me too thanks keep it real for 50 D and 2senses crew Batallion one love promoter Alex and Big john Agook in rumbek


ALEX well thanks alot 50 for your time.

           Yes that was 50 d A.K.A Borntalented the 2senses crew young Boss he has been telling us more about what you have just saw up there nexts time its gonna be your turn so if you you want fame join the Join fame with promoter Alex.




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