Home based jobs in dubai or sharjah?

i just answered a similar question a minute ago. below is my pasted response. the key here is that working online makes you available to the entire world, and vice versa. you dont need to restrict yourself to local UAE companies only. hope the response below helps.

it appears that you have a broad skill set. you might want to consider freelancing where you are not tied to simply one company. this gives you a better chance to earn a higher rate per hour and pick your work load and schedule. flexibility is key and critical for a housewife. that said consider sites like elance.com, guru.com, rentacoder (more technical). these are excellent resources. the other option is data entry, but there are plenty of scams. you can read about a good data entry opp here: alternatively you can also focus on building a long term business (passive stream of income online). if you want to do this there is a great company called sbi, you can check them out here:

bottom line - you have tons of options. you just have to make sure you pick one that meets your lifestyle - good luck.***:D