Sharing USB devices over network

Sharing USB devices over network

One of the most frequent questions I receive as a software consultant is how to share USB device at a remote computer.

That is not surprising because not all devices you usually use at home can be redirected over the network to other work places. Sometimes your family members may need to use MFD, scanner, webcam, etc. on different computers. Of course, carrying devices back and forth the house is not the best solution:)

You can avoid this headache if you have apropriate software solution on hand. USB Network Gate, one of such software solutions, will be highlighted today.

USB Network Gate is an essential USB sharing solution that allows sharing USB devices over network or Internet. In other words, Network USB Gate allows using USB devices on a remote computers or virtual machines as if they were connected to it directly. You can also share USB devices over RDP.

USB Network Gate offers much more options and possibilities which are fully described at it's website.