Everything You Should Know about Lab Equipment Maintenance and Repair

Modern medical and scientific laboratories are equipped with many types of advanced equipment. Committed to delivering accurate results in minimal turnaround time, labs need to ensure that all their devices work consistently. Besides maintaining the durability of the equipment, establishing safe work practices is also crucial. This article provides some important information about lab equipment maintenance and repair.

Importance of Timely Maintenance and Repair

Timely maintenance and repair of all types of lab equipment is necessary. Whether in a chemistry or medical lab, devices are subject to wear and tear from frequent use. Maintaining medical laboratory equipment in proper condition is vital as the accuracy of test results determine diagnosis and treatment.

Chemistry lab equipment such as centrifuges and chemistry analyzers should also be maintained in excellent working condition. Avoiding operational problems and equipment malfunction ensures error-free and timely research results. Further, failing to maintain such equipment could cause hazards in the lab and compromise the safety of lab personnel.

Options for Lab Equipment Maintenance

One of the most important things about lab equipment maintenance and repair is that it should be carried out by properly trained and qualified personnel. The equipment parts have to be checked and faulty components replaced. Besides performing equipment adjustments, lubrication and cleaning, service technicians have to identify and try to predict potential failure of parts. Regular inspection reports on each piece of equipment are also necessary.

Research and medical labs have many options for the repair and maintenance of their devices, such as an in-house team on the job and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) contracts. As it is costly and expensive to maintain an in-house service team, more and more labs are depending on the services provided by third parties, including suppliers of laboratory equipment.

Dependable Maintenance and Repair Services for Lab Equipment

If you are looking for reliable maintenance and repair services for your lab equipment, make sure that the contract covers availability of replacement parts, repair by factory-trained experts, timely service, regular upgrades, calibration services and proper warranty. For equipment repair to be carried out efficiently, provide all the necessary information. This should include the exact problem with the device, when the issue began, and the extent of use and condition of the equipment. Details such as the manufacturer, model, and serial number of the instrument also have to be provided.

Purchase Quality New and Recertified Lab Equipment

Research and medical labs can ensure quality output by purchasing quality instruments and medical equipment from a leading laboratory equipment dealer. An established dealer would offer an extensive array of both new and reconditioned products with proper warranty. Besides ensuring competitive prices for branded equipment, a reliable dealer can also offer timely and prompt lab equipment maintenance and repair for the devices they supply. As the product inventory of an established dealer is constantly updated, its team of factory-trained technicians would be the ideal option when it comes to lab equipment support.