An Issue For President Obama's First Trip To China: China's worry About Japan's Military

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"The lullaby that China isn't a threat to US national security is frighteningly just like a jingle i was hypnotized by within the years leading up to December 7, 1941," Green warned. "The United States Of America in the midst of this entire decline has just had a titanic financial hiccup, and, within the face of spiraling and unprecedented deficits, is currently re-evaluating its spending priorities across a broad front," Green said. Natural sights will also be plentiful such since the Changbai Mountain nature reserve, (home of see here the Siberian Tiger), the Three Gorges as well as the Himalayan mountains. Even with fresh signs of your recovery, China is faced with the prospect of the smaller economic surplus, forcing difficult decisions related to two looming demands: 1) Re-commitment to financing the United States' growing deficit, and 2) Filling China's share of the growing global military vacuum'.

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