Sleep inside a priceless sculpture at The Beaumont

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By M. Elizabeth Sheldon, Meals & & Wine Plenty of resorts are the home of stunning, first-rate fine art collections, yet the brand-new Beaumont in London is the among the only areas around the world where you could actually sleep inside a modern work of art. Most the resort's 73 rooms are housed in a gorgeously remodelled 1920's Fine art Deco building, with one exception: an ultraluxe collection located inside of a large architectural sculpture designed by noted artist Antony Gormley. Labelled AREA, the steel piece has a practically Transformers-like appearance from the outside, but the within is a tiny cocoon furnished with a lone bed curtained in white linens. A skylight supplies the only outside source of light; when shut, the space could give silent, utter darkness. The interior is lined with oak parts that fit together like puzzle pieces, supplying walks for seating.

Though the resort collaboration may appear like an unconventional choice for Gormley (which's most effectively known for his sculptures of physical bodies, including a collection of men on walks), he describes the logic of the job on his website. "I take the physical body as our main environment. AREA contrasts a visible outside of a body formed from large rectangle-shaped masses with an inner encounter. The inside of SPACE is simply 4 metres square but 10 metres high: close at body level, however lofty and also open over. Shutters over the home window offer total blackout and really subliminal levels of light enable me to shape darkness itself. My ambition for this job is that it should confront the monumental with the most personal, intimate experience." If you're searching for an existential overnight encounter, rates for ROOM start at 2,500 (about the equivalent of $4,000).

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